Welbeck Fiction is an emerging list dedicated to publishing exceptional popular fiction across all genres. Our books will be aimed squarely at the bestseller charts, and our focussed list will be underpinned by the twin virtues of creative and commercial success.  

We are on the lookout for brilliant voices, memorable characters, heart-breaking endings, unreliable narrators, high concepts, complex heroes, even more complex villains, laugh-out-loud humour, tender moments, twists you didn’t see coming, and just about anything that ever made you tell someone they had to read this. 

The celebrated André Deutsch list will also be revived with a carefully curated library of backlist classics and a select list of new fiction chosen by Publisher Malcolm Edwards.


New Titles


Jon Elek

Group Publisher: Fiction
Jon Elek

Rosa Schierenberg

Malcolm Edwards

Group Publisher: Andre Deutsch
Malcolm Edwards







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